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Our plans for the next phase

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Manor Road Quarter will deliver 804 new homes, 50% of which will be provided as affordable homes, on the site of a former retail park site in Canning Town.  The scheme also includes commercial and local retail space and a new 2.5 acre publicly accessible linear park, linking the station with Star Park.


Our proposals were originally approved in 2020, and construction is already well underway on the first phase. Phase 1 will provide 355 homes, in three separate buildings, including a 32-storey landmark tower and a large proportion of the new linear park.

The next phase of the Manor Road Quarter regeneration will see the  site of the Wickes DIY store site redeveloped to provide up to 290 new homes, including 145 affordable homes, a proportion being 3-bed family homes and the final section of the park.

Before we get started on Phase 2, we have reviewed the original proposals and identified several improvements that we would like to make to the plans. These are intended to:


  • Improve connections to, and through, the development

  • Extend the linear park through the development

  • Provide a range of play and amenity space for all age groups on site

  • Create more space for ground floor commercial opportunities

  • Respond to emerging changes in Building Regulations relating to fire safety

  • Improve environmental credentials through saving on embodied carbon

  • Accommodate essential access to adjacent TfL/DLR land with as little impact on the linear park as possible

The overall heights of the proposed buildings in this phase are within the limits approved under the original planning permission.

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Play area view extended.jpg

Phase 2 will include a brand new, highly versatile space in Canning Town for all ages, with a play area available for residents and the local community. This will be part of the wider area of open spaces offered by Manor Road Quarter, which will be connected as a pathway through the area.

Our plans for Phase 2 include extensive landscaping across the site, establishing a new area of green open space at the heart of Manor Road Quarter. This will connect the new spaces provided by the development to the wider community.

Already, Phase 1 is delivering some of these new community spaces. Phase 1 will deliver amenities such as a skate park, ping-pong tables, a running track and a childrens' play area. Our proposed Phase 2 will expand upon these with the new linear park, play spaces, and shopfronts.

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Update: July 2023

On 18 July 2023 London Borough of Newham approved phase 2 of our plans. These changes will improve access through the proposed area, and improve access to the linear park.

You can find more information on our phase 2 amendments here.


You can contact us on the below:

Tel:      0800 319 6165 (09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday)


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