of employees and operatives on the scheme are

As of July 2022:


People hired who were previously unemployed


Apprentices on the project


At English Cities Fund, we recognise the impact that our developments have on the areas where we work.


We are committed to bringing communities along with us at every step of the journey, to make a genuinely positive contribution to people and places.


From Day 1 at Manor Road Quarter, we have been reaching out to people Canning Town – on site, in local schools, and in the community.

Throughout the Manor Road Quarter project, we are committed to providing opportunity and value to the local community. With training, education, and employment, the Manor Road Quarter is already making a positive contribution to the local community.

Contact our community relations team here to find out more.

We are connecting with the local community through a program of visits to schools in the vicinity of Manor Road Quarter, working to inspire the next generation of constructors.

As we develop Manor Road Quarter, we are proud to offer apprenticeships and internships to local young people as part of our commitment to Canning Town and its people.


Aside from our commitment to sourcing 35% of the project’s labour locally, we will be offering apprenticeships and work placement opportunities to young people throughout the development.

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